3 Best Shopify TikTok Pixel Apps (With In-depth Reviews)

3 Best Shopify TikTok Pixel Apps (With In-depth Reviews)

Unleashing the marketing potential of TikTok, the vibrant social media platform, has become a priority for e-commerce entrepreneurs. To achieve this, Shopify store owners are turning to the three best Shopify TikTok Pixel apps designed to streamline integration and enhance advertising strategies. 

These apps empower businesses to engage with audiences effectively, optimize campaigns, and boost conversions through their comprehensive tracking and analytics capabilities. Harness the power of TikTok and take your online business to new heights with these invaluable tools!

An Overview of the Best Shopify TikTok Pixel Apps

LogoApp NamePricingFree TrialRating
Omega ‑ Multiple TikTok Pixels$8.99/month✔️Yes
(3 days)
TiXel: Multi Pixels Installer$4.99/month✔️Yes
(7 days)
PixelTok: Multi Pixel InstallFree plan available. $9.99/month❌No4.7/5⭐

The In-depth Reviews

3 Best Shopify TikTok Pixel Apps

#1. Omega - Multiple TikTok Pixels

Omega is a game-changing Shopify TikTok Pixel app that has been revolutionizing the world of TikTok advertising since its release on March 12, 2021. This powerful tool equips Shopify store owners with exceptional features to master TikTok ads with unparalleled ease when receiving a 4.9-star rating from 126 reviews.

The app’s outstanding feature lies in installing multiple Pixels with automatic events that carry smart data. This empowers businesses to level up their data collection and gain profound insights into their ad performance. Gone are the days of relying solely on TikTok Pixels, as the Pixel + Events API synergy proves to be the future of precise tracking, ensuring complete accuracy in evaluating marketing efforts.

The Omega app’s chat support and installation process have garnered praise from numerous users. Users have consistently highlighted the exceptional level of support the app’s team provides. Swift response times and a genuine dedication to resolving inquiries have left a lasting impression on those seeking assistance. The app’s user-friendly interface and detailed installation instructions have made integrating multiple TikTok pixels easier for users of all levels of expertise. 

With its pricing plan at just $8.99, the Omega app is a perfect fit for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It enables SMEs to make data-driven decisions, optimize their ad campaigns, and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) without compromising their limited resources.

Key features:

  • Install multiple Pixels with automatic events that carry smart data
  • Level up your data collection with unique Events API solution
  • Understand how each ad creative is truly performing with better matching tech
  • Scale up faster based on insights you get from a better Ads Manager attribution
  • Rock your TikTok Dynamic/Collection Ads with automated Catalog sync, hourly


  • Rock on TikTok: $8.99/month
3 Best Shopify TikTok Pixel Apps

#2. TiXel: Multi Pixels Installer

Launching on October 19, 2020, TiXel takes center stage as an independent Shopify TikTok Pixel app, poised to revolutionize TikTok pixel tracking for your store. With an impressive 4.9-star rating from 128 reviews, this powerful tool promises to elevate your advertising endeavors.

TiXel goes one step further by offering the flexibility to apply multiple pixels for all products in your store. This inclusive approach lets you gather valuable data across your entire product range. You can gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and overall store performance. This comprehensive view lets you make informed decisions to optimize your ad campaigns, boost engagement, and drive higher conversions.

One of the most significant highlights for users is the app’s exceptional customer chat support. The TiXel team has garnered credit for their responsiveness and dedication to helping users with issues. Their commitment to excellent customer service has left users feeling well-cared-for and supported in their journey with TiXel. Additionally, the installation process of TiXel has proven to be smooth and hassle-free, especially for its simplicity and user-friendliness. 

At just $4.99/month, TiXel is an ideal choice for starters venturing into TikTok pixel tracking. With a low-cost investment, starters can gain valuable insights into their advertising performance, optimize campaigns, and achieve better conversions. 

Key features:

  • Easily create and install multiple, unlimited number of TikTok pixels together
  • Automatic Event Triggering: Events trigger automatically as they occur in-store
  • Apply pixels just for specific products or all of the products in the store.
  • Get insightful metrics about your store’s traffic, audience type & behavior
  • One-click installation & universal support. No technical knowledge is required


  • Basic plan: $4.99/month
3 Best Shopify TikTok Pixel Apps

#3. PixelTok: Multi Pixel Install

PixelTok is a groundbreaking app that empowers advertisers to take their advertising efforts to new heights. Launched on November 30, 2020, and boasting an impressive 4.7-star rating from 16 reviews, PixelTok is an independent app not officially related to TikTok.

PixelTok’s data visualization and reporting tools are outstanding features that further enhance your advertising efforts. With clear, insightful visuals and detailed reports, you can optimize your campaigns and make data-driven decisions that yield tangible results. Armed with ad insights, you can tailor your marketing strategies to reach the right audience and drive higher conversions effectively.

Users have commended PixelTok’s chat support for being top-notch and exceptionally helpful. Their prompt and attentive responses make users feel supported and well-guided, especially those new to the platform. Furthermore, the installation process of PixelTok has been described as very easy and efficient. Users appreciate the app’s user-friendly interface and intuitive setup, allowing them to integrate the pixel easily. 

PixelTok’s pricing structure, tailored to various user needs, exemplifies its commitment to serving a diverse audience. From free options for starters to affordable plans for SMEs and premium tiers for big corporations, PixelTok enables users of all scales to elevate their advertising strategies and grow their online businesses successfully.

Key features:

  • Integrates ad pixels for tracking & measurement
  • Track website traffic, conversions, & revenue
  • Data visualization & reporting tools to optimize campaigns
  • Make data-driven decisions with ad insights
  • Grow your online business with ad pixels and analytics


  • Starter: Free
  • Grower: $9.99/month
  • Scaler: $24.99/month
  • Unlimited: $49.99/month

The In-depth Reviews

In conclusion, the three best Shopify TikTok Pixel apps offer potent solutions to optimize advertising efforts and achieve exceptional results on the dynamic platform of TikTok. From pixel integration to budget-friendly pricing and outstanding customer support, these apps cater to businesses of all sizes. It ensures that your TikTok marketing potential can stay ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce.


The TikTok Pixel is a tracking snippet that can be added to your website to track user activity. These engagement signals are then sent to TikTok client-side to give TikTok insight into how users are engaging with your site for attribution and audience-related purposes.

Can I sell on TikTok with Shopify? Yes, you can connect your Shopify and TikTok accounts to sync your product catalog and sell on TikTok with Shopify. You can find new customers with TikTok ad campaigns created using the TikTok Ads Manager.